The EvalGroup Approach:

Key takeaways and straightforward data visualizations for easier, more enlightened decision making.

Making it simpler for everyone to agree on conclusions and next steps.


Executive Summaries and colorful infographics help you communicate with everyone else involved. You won’t have to sift through dense academic documents to get answers and make data-driven decisions.

Supporting documentation is also available to look closer into issues that may be preventing optimal outcomes — and the environments in which they’re occurring.

Are your initial assumptions correct? Are there forces at play you hadn’t considered? Is your project being complicated by conflicting priorities? We’ll help you sort it all out.

Using program evaluation as a tool for program enhancements.


By developing an ongoing ‘feedback loop’, we can offer ideas and guidance for improving program and policy components that are showing adverse outcomes.

Are program participants not as engaged as you hoped? We can suggest a course of action that will enhance their experience and benefits, as well as the success of the program.

We can also help train and empower your staff to conduct evaluation activities, report results, and write successful grant proposals. This can help save money down the line.

Feel confident about every report you present to stakeholders. 


Our expert researchers, evaluators, and data analysts handle large population-level data collection, data management, and reporting using sound statistical analyses and research practices, as well as the latest time-saving technological resources.

The EvalGroup takes a collaborative approach. The valuable knowledge and insights that you bring to the table help us do our job better.

We not only conduct objective research and evaluation before, during and after program implementation. We can help with the planning and implementation itself.

Agencies and organizations keep coming back to the EvalGroup.


You’ll find our researchers and evaluators to be highly engaged, personable and responsive from beginning to end. You’ll always get your program results on time so you can move forward.

Strategic planning can often be limited by an ‘insiders’ perspective’. We can offer fresh ideas and approaches, based on your input, organizational mandates, and careful need assessment. Ongoing data collection can help fine-tune the plan.

From our corporate bases in Georgia and South Carolina, we partner with, and meet with, organizations and agencies throughout the Southeast. You can expect fair pricing that aligns with your budget, as well as a meaningful return on investment.

Explore the research and evaluation options for everything from public policy to charitable causes. We’ll plan the right services to match your goals.

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“The most important purpose of evaluation is not to prove, but to improve.”

– Daniel Stufflebeam

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