Research and evaluation for non-profit organizations: We’re here to make things easy, every step of the way.

National, community, healthcare and educational organizations turn to us to help secure funding, and for sound strategic planning.

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We know what it takes to get the funding you need.

We’re specialists in helping non-profits secure state and Federal grants. When we evaluate the effectiveness of your organization or pilot program, we’ll make recommendations for improving results before you apply for further funding.

The program evaluations we do take a ‘wholistic’ approach, so you understand which parts are having the most impact. ‘Executive Summaries’ clearly highlight your successes for decision makers.



A data-based approach to strategic planning.

Your organization’s strategic plan is too important to be left to pie-in-the-sky projections and conflicting priorities. It takes thoughtful research to match external needs with internal strengths, and create a realistic plan for next year.

The EvalGroup can provide research reports for your team to plan around, or we can create an efficient and effective strategic plan for the entire organization.



Questions? Issues? We’re always here to help.

Through the challenges of planning, implementing and evaluating programs, we’ll stay in touch via phone, email, Skype, or in-person meetings. We’re here for as much or as little help as you need.

We know you’re working to help people, but have limited resources to do so. We’ll even offer ways to reduce costs while empowering your staff. Have a question before you start? Call our non-profit evaluation liaison Shenée Bryan at 770-558-6302×702.

Together, we’ll take things to the next level. But first, find out what you need to know about better research and evaluation:

A Smarter Approach

Which research and evaluation options will be the right fit?

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Program Evaluation

Survey Development & Data Collection

Data Analysis & Reporting

Performance Measurement

Strategic Planning: Program Design & Development 

“The reports and other deliverables produced by the EvalGroup were very detailed and useful. The company positioned our team for continuous improvement, and provided training to help grantees achieve their goals.”

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Start by telling us what you want to achieve.

We’ll discuss the best tools to help you get there. We’ll also answer your questions, determine costs and timelines, and identify next steps.

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The right collection sampling strategy is essential for getting an accurate evaluation. We’ll show you why.

In the meantime, find out how we’ve helped other organizations like yours.

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