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Contract vehicles to help you get started quicker.

The EvalGroup’s contract mechanisms show we have the qualifications and infrastructure to handle even large contracts. We easily work within the protocols and constraints of public agencies of all kinds.

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Let’s start with a scope of work that’s clearly defined.

That will ensure that the deliverables in the contract will be fulfilled on time, with no surprises.

You’re expected to make smart decisions and carry them out with limited resources, so you don’t have time or money to waste.

Our job is to make your job easier by providing solid, easy-to-digest data you can feel confident about.



Our Executive Summaries keep things simple.

Detailed research will be available for digging deeper into the data. But the Executive Summaries you receive may be all you need to move forward.

These succinct documents put things into perspective, with simple infographics and actionable conclusions that bring the data to life.

Buy-in from stakeholders is easier when everyone’s quickly ‘on the same page.’

Together, we’ll take things to the next level. But first, find out what you need to know about better research and evaluation:

A Smarter Approach

Which research and evaluation options will be the right fit?

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Program Evaluation

Survey Development & Data Collection

Data Analysis & Reporting

Performance Measurement

Strategic Planning: Program Design & Development 

“The EvalGroup stayed in constant communication and provided interim progress reports to keep us informed. They ensured all the relevant data was being collected, even as circumstances changed throughout the process.”

South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services

Start by telling us what you want to achieve.

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Accurate evaluations start with asking the right questions about how processes align with goals. We’ll show you how.

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