About the EvalGroup:

We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients by providing invaluable information through our research and evaluation consultations services—therefore, enabling our clients to make informed and easy decisions to successfully operate.

Read about some of our clients and how we’ve helped them.

Through our qualified staff of Research Associates, Evaluators, Statisticians and Project Managers, the Research and Evaluation Group offers expertise in research and evaluation that has numerous applications in public and community health, healthcare, marketing, education/academia, community-based organizations, information technology, and many other areas.

As a result of our services, our clients, like community organizations and schools, strategically position themselves to make greater community and population impact, improve the delivery of their services, secure future funding, and develop a competitive edge in grant rewarding process.

The EvalGroup Team:

Tara Dixon

“This profession gives me a chance to work with clients in very different settings and see the services we provide really help our clients make a difference. Sometimes it is an immediate difference and impact; other times it is a bit slower … but either way, I have the privilege to know EvalGroup had some part in making that change.”

Tara Dixon is an experienced researcher and project manager. She is an expert in public, behavioral and community health and has evaluated multiple site chronic disease and substance abuse prevention projects. She works with multiple state and federal agencies auditing programmatic and healthcare quality improvement efforts. Tara earned her B.S. in Physical Science/Chemistry from Auburn University and her Master of Public Health from Ryals School of Public Health University of Alabama-Birmingham. Tara also enjoys traveling, running, and ice skating.

Shenée Bryan

“I love interacting with the local community and using effective evaluation methods to help inform them of their programs and achieve their programmatic goals.”

Shenée Bryan has experience conducting research and evaluations. She as conducted evaluation in many areas including public health, workforce development, corrections/juvenile courts, injury prevention, and substance abuse prevention. Shenée has worked on many longitudinal evaluations in order to analyze and trend specific health impact and outcome measures. She earned her B.S. in Biological and Environmental Engineering Cornell University and her Master of Public Health and Master of Public Administration in Public Policy/Health Organization from University of Alabama-Birmingham. Shenée also enjoys traveling, painting, skiing, and gardening.

Leslie Williams

“To promote health and the quality of life is to evaluate the value of services available and accessible to all those who need it, as observation without evaluation is the highest form of existence.”

Leslie Williams has experience in research methods and evaluation combined. Leslie has an interest in chronic disease prevention, community health, and grant writing. She conducted health disparities research prior to joining EvalGroup, centered on chronic diseases that disproportionally affects minority populations, the vulnerable, and underserved communities. Leslie discovered a passion for public health and discovering ways to promote health and quality of life by bridging the gap between minority focused research and health education. Leslie has continued to assist the vulnerable and underserved communities by evaluating the quality of community health education and promotion programs/interventions, workforce development programs, and alcohol and substance abuse interventions. She earned her B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, a Master’s of Science in Biotechnology from Claflin University, and a Master of Public Health from Mercer University. Leslie enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and event planning.

Teria Coleman

“I love making data simple. As a data analyst, I am able to help businesses and organizations better serve their customers/clients. If I can accomplish that through data visualization, raw data, or even a database, I have accomplished my goal.”

Teria Coleman is a results-focused strategic planner, project coordinator, and non-profit Salesforce database administrator. She has created and implemented high impact programs for colleges and universities, non-profit organizations (i.e., AmeriCorps, WIOA Workforce Development, and Community Reach Inc.), and government entities (i.e., Juvenile Justice System). Teria earned her B.A. in Psychology from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia and a Master of Public Health from Mercer University’s Macon Campus. Teria enjoys all things art specifically painting, sewing and house rehabbing. Oh, yea she thinks data and numbers are awesome!

Roshni Chowbey

“I love when the company I work for has a positive impact on our clients and society. Knowing that Research and Evaluation Group and the people who work here have a part in improving our clients’ goals is a very fulfilling sentiment to begin and end each workday.” 

Roshni Chowbey has experience in research analysis and evaluation methods. She earned her B.A. in Political Science and International Affairs at Georgia State University, where she gained invaluable knowledge in research methods and statistics, international human rights, and foreign policy. Roshni is currently in her last semester of earning her Master of Public Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at GSU. Her time there has been instrumental in forming her skills in analyzing social and global policies, leadership and organizational behavior, and evaluation research. Roshni enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and creative writing. 

Cedric Truss

“This profession allows me to make a difference in the healthcare and public health community by working with organizations to develop innovative solutions that make it possible to not only achieve their goals but to also provide a level of care to consumers in their communities that will eliminate health disparities.”  

Cedric Truss has many years of experience in the healthcare and public health space. He is an expert in health informatics, data analytics, and information systems and has consulted multiple organizations on various projects with a focus in those areas. In his roles, he has worked with business analysts in gathering requirements for new systems, liaised between multidisciplinary teams to develop strategies that effectively meet organizational needs, served on project teams during the procurement and implementation phases and conducted assessments and evaluations on healthcare systems. Cedric earned his B.S. in Human Environmental Sciences from the University of Alabama and his Master of Science in Health Informatics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Doctorate of Health Administration in Information Systems from the Medical University of South Carolina.

LaTasha Barnwell

“I enjoy helping the communities and specific subpopulations with the implementation and evaluation of their programs. It’s a great reward to present evaluation findings to our clients and helping them make data-driven decision to expand their implementation efforts and programmatic impact.”  

LaTasha Barnwell has more than six years total experience managing evaluation projects, grants, and small teams. In the capacity of project management, she oversaw the planning, design, production, and management of various projects and community initiatives. Ms. Barnwell has program development and program evaluation experience building, maintaining, and evaluating sustainable programs and initiatives and assisting executive leadership with monitoring and evaluation processes for various projects. She has collaborated with the executive team on planning and implementing goals. Her experience in qualitative analysis includes developing codebooks, conducting thematic analysis, and writing reports to demonstrate results. Ms. Barnwell received her Master of Public Health in Behavioral Science and Health Education from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Erica Lee

“Being able to be a part of a team that facilitates positive change in communities through utilizing research and employing evaluation methods is why I entered the public health field.”  

Erica Lee is a passionate public health professional with an unwavering enthusiasm for using research and evaluation to create positive change in low-income communities. Her interest in research and evaluation began while she was a Sustainable Agriculture Agent for Peace Corps. During her stint in the Peace Corps, she realized that, in order to be sustainable and effective, public health programming must be accompanied by robust research and evaluation. Inspired by this understanding, Erica obtained her Master’s in Public Health from Emory University; where she sharpened her skills in qualitative research, quantitative research, monitoring, and evaluation. As a part the EvalGroup team, Erica continues to employ these skills. She loves knowing that through working with the EvalGroup team, she assists in ensuring that organizations are achieving their outcomes, and as such, meeting the intended change in their target populations. Erica loves to read, try new healthy recipes, and immerses herself in new cultures. She also enjoys running and is looking forward to participating in her first half-marathon.

EvalGroup Partners:

Edward Brown, PhD, MA – Principle Investigator

Tyederrious Crutcher, MS – Program Analyst  

Lucretia Loritts – Data Entry Clerk/Research Assistant

EvalGroup Certifications:

The Research and Evaluation Group are certified quality auditors and quality improvement associates through the American Society for Quality and certified professionals in healthcare quality; therefore it is proven that we understand the standards and principles of auditing, questioning, evaluating and reporting. Therefore we have proven that we understand the standards and principles of auditing, healthcare, evaluating and reporting.

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