Clear, actionable research and evaluation for government agencies and non-profits.

Not just raw data, but insightful info and ideas for stronger program outcomes and organizational impact.

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Turn to the EvalGroup for the solid answers you need.

In what ways are your initiatives making a difference? What can be improved to report positive results?

We can help. First, we’ll provide succinct, thoughtful research into real-world needs and attitudes, for program or strategic planning. Then we’ll do a data-driven evaluation of success. Finally, we’ll offer ideas for program fine-tuning before a final report is submitted.

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Evaluation for Government Agencies.

The Executive Summaries you’ll receive will tell you what you need to know at a glance.

You won’t have to sort through page after page of numbers and footnotes. The EvalGroup creates concise evaluation reports that are ready to share with all stakeholders. We also have existing contract vehicles so you can immediately utilize our services.

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A Resource That Helps Non-Profits Get Funding.

Gain a competitive edge for government grants with definitive research and evaluations.

Since we work extensively with government agencies, we know what they’re looking for in awarding funding. And we’re glad to share those insights. The EvalGroup can also help with smart strategic planning based on sound data, not just a wish list.

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Check out the tools that the Research and Evaluation Group (EvalGroup for short) will put to work to make your job easier.

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“The EvalGroup was professional, highly organized, and easy to work with. They applied thoughtful analysis in presenting the exact the data we needed, as well as recommendations we were able to implement immediately. “

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